Central Washington's Premiere Waterfowl Outfitter

The Meseberg Adventures, LLC doing business as The Duck Taxi have been providing quality hunting in Grant County since 1972. Our guides are knowledgeable & avid waterfowlers. Meseberg Adventures is a father & son owned and operated business based out of Mar Don Resort on Potholes Reservoir. Potholes Reservoir and the surrounding area is home to some of the finest waterfowl hunting on the Pacific Flyway.

The Mesebergs offer a different kind of adventure. With over 30 years experience in waterfowl hunting on the Potholes Reservoir you and your party can go deep in the dunes to a pre-built blind. An excellent way to enjoy duck hunting without the middle of the night boat launch, the predawn boat races and the last minute blind building hassles. Just leave it to the Meseberg Adventures, LLC.

The goose hunting in Grant County is some of the finest in the State. We have in excess of 15,000 acres of leased private land in the Columbia Basin. We hunt on pre-scouted fields in layout blinds or pits with Drop Zone Decoys. We like to finish our birds, not pass shoot over decoys. We hunt well scouted fields, not flyway geese. Limits are the rule, not the exception.

October hunting is primarily duck hunting with occasional goose shoots on local birds. November brings new flights as the harsh weather arrives in Canada and northern Washington. Geese begin to arrive in greater numbers as well. December can be the greatest time to hunt for either ducks on the lake and geese in the fields. Book a duck hunt one day and goose the next. Most years we're still able to hunt a few locations in the sand dunes in January for ducks. Wish for a Chinook wind ( a warming wind from the south) which brings birds that have left the area from freezing conditions back to us. Goose hunting in January is also excellent, no matter what the weather conditions are.

Department of Fish & Wildlife

The information provided below is from the Department of Fish & Wildlife Statewide Waterfowl Specialists. The links will provide you with regional flight patterns of waterfowl through the Columbia Basin area.

North Basin Waterfowl Survey: view
From late October through January each year, aerial surveys of waterfowl throughout the Columbia Basin are periodically made by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

WDFW Waterfowl Hunting Information: view
Providing you with regulations, reports, permits and surveys for qulaity hunts.

Preview trophy hunting pictures and you willl see why Potholes Reservoir is your destination for great waterfowl hunting! Click image above to view.

The staff at MarDon Resort handles all the bookings for the duck and goose trips. Call them at (509) 346-2651 between 9am-6pm MarDon Resort has long been an information center for the Potholes Recreation Area and can offer a helping hand from lodging and restaurants to what shotgun shells to use.


Listen to recent broadcast with Levi Meseberg recorded in the field hunt that was part of the winning entry "An Excellence in Craft Award" from the National Outdoor Writer’s Association.