Meseberg Adventures, LLC and the Duck Taxi have been providing quality hunting in Grant County since 1972. Our guides are knowledgeable avid waterfowlers. Meseberg Adventures is a father & son owned and operated business based out of MarDon Resort on Potholes Reservoir. Potholes Reservoir and the surrounding area is home to some of the finest waterfowl hunting on the Pacific Flyway.

GUIDED DUCK HUNTS: $275 per person, 3 man min., includes a round trip boat ride through the sand dunes of Potholes Reservoir, a guide, decoys and a retriever.  Top it off with a brunch of fresh duck shish-kabob grilled over charcoal. 

NON-GUIDED WATER HUNT: $175 per person, 2 man min., includes a round trip to your own island with a blind which is outfitted with decoys and a small watercraft to retrieve your birds.

GUIDED GOOSE HUNTS: $300 per person, 4 man min., includes a guide, Dave Smith decoys, pits or lay-out blinds at a pre-scouted field in the Columbia Basin.  We like to finish our birds with 10-15 yard first shots.  Limits are the rule, not the exception.

The History of the infamous Duck Kabobs

Dave and Mike Meseberg were hunting ducks one cold December morning in 1974. It all started when we realized we had forgotten our lunch. We ended up breasting a duck, cutting into small pieces and threaded on a green willow stick and placed it over the fire bucket. Hence, the birth of the "Duck Kabob."

The duck kabob has evolved. Now we use marinated duck meat, pineapple, peppers, apples, bacon, pieces of cheddar wurst, and if you are lucky you might get some shrimp. Many other guides in the area have tried to duplicate the recipe with no avail. Come try it yourself!

Deposit and Cancellation Notice

Reservation: Any reservation requires a one-hunter deposit with credit card retained on file.

Cancellation: 10 days notice, $50 cancellation fee. Within 10 days, deposit if forfeited. If we have to cancel your reservation due to weather issues your deposit will be fully refunded -or- if rescheduled we can hold your deposit for a future trip.

Guided Goose or Duck Hunting

Guided Hunts,

Duck for -
3 person $675
4 person $720
5  person $705
6  person $675
Goose for -
4 person $765
5 person $730
6 person $700
Combo, 1 day goose, 1 day duck -
4 person $740
5 person   $720
6 person $685

Includes cottage with 3 beds, kitchen, fireplace, sat TV for 2 nights. Dinner at The Beach House Restaurant, 1 night. Guided hunting for 2 days.

Non-guided: Duck hunt, $440 per person. including taxes, licenses & gratuities**

  • Guided Duck - Ten (10) Trips $2475
  • Non-Guided Duck - Ten (10) Trips $1575
  • Guided Goose - Ten (10) Trips $2675
Punchcard good for entire season. Expires on the last day of the season.

Get your buddies together and take advantage of the pre-book. Pre-Book purchase expires on 10/31.

December/January Specials
Dec 15 - Jan 31. Duck or Goose - Bring 5, pay 4. (excludes Saturdays)

All Season Specials

Non-Guided Special: Sun - Tuesday & Thursday, Pay 2, bring 3 or take 30% off for parties of 4 or more.

Kids Non-Duck Guided: non-shooters go free. Guided, 15 and under shooters half price.