Mike Meseberg is one of the original Duck Taxi owners and now partners with his son. He has enjoyed guiding on the reservoir since the early 70’s. Born and raised in the Seattle area he moved to MarDon Resort right out of college and quickly learned the joy of life at Potholes Reservoir. Mike is a proficient shot, duck caller and story teller.

Levi Meseberg is the other half of the father/son operation known as the Duck Taxi. Levi purchased Uncle Dave’s share several years ago and has added Goose Hunting on the Royal Slope. Levi has been hunting since he was 9 and navigating the reservoir by boat since he was 12 when he used to take his grandpa fishing. Levi guides for both the duck and goose trips.

Shelby Ross has been hunting since before he was a teenager. He is now 42 years old with 28 years of hunting experience, 20 of those as a taxi guide. Shelby has probably logged more hours navigating the sand dunes than most anyone between his passion for hunting in the winter and fishing in the summer. Shelby is a family man with two young girls who love to duck hunt with their father.

Nick Anderson has been with Meseberg Adventures Duck Taxi for several years and is our primary goose guide and scout. Nick and Levi took hunters safety together at the age of 9 and have been friends ever since. Nick has a great passion for goose hunting and it is evident in his hunting style. After graduating from BYU Nick moved back to the area and began working in the family business.

Questions on ammo, guns, hunting, licenses, etc...

Duck hunting in the dunes requires hip boots or chest waders, camo clothing and some layering to keep warm. Many of our repeat customers wear pack boots, heavy coats and bibs. On a guided hunt you do not need hip waders.  
We do sell hunting licenses and Federal Duck Stamps at the
MarDon Store but we would like you to purchase your liscense before the morning hunt. As a courtesy to other hunters please purchase beforehand. If arriving afterhours please contact us at (509) 346-2651 with your info and we will have it waiting for you upon arrival.

All of our guides shoot Benali or Remington Guns.

The best shells for ducks are; 1and 2 steel or 2 and 4 non tox
(Heavy shot tungsten etc.)
The best shells for geese are; bbb, T steel and b, 2 non tox
(Heavy shot tungsten etc.)


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